Hydrogen Energy Education


Educating our future leaders on the signifigance of hydrogen energy as a sustainable energy source

The Importance of Hydrogen Energy Education

Our Motive

At a global level, the hydrogen market is predicted to reduce carbon emissions by 6 billion tonnes annually, employ up to 30 million people and be worth around $US2.5 trillion by 2050.* It is therefore crucial to increase knowledge surrounding hydrogen energy, to enable our youth to capitalise on the jobs and opportunities of the future.

With an experienced team, Hycel produces relevant and effective educational resources that provides educators with the tools needed to provide a relevant education to students, that is aligned with the Australian Curriculum.


*Source: Hydrogen Council, Hydrogen, Scaling Up, 2017

Keeping Curriculum in Mind

Teaching and learning sequences have been carefully constructed to seamlessly integrate into relevant areas of study. These consist of engaging activities that communicate essential knowledge surrounding hydrogen energy, its applications, and its role in a sustainable future.